Memoirs at the End of the World

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Released: August 25, 2009

Track Listing:

  1. No One Said This Would Be Easy
  2. My Lucky Charm
  3. Thorn In Your Side
  4. Don’t Know Till You Try
  5. All You Ever Wanted
  6. Run Away Love
  7. For Better…Or Worse?
  8. I’m In Deep
  9. Thorn In Your Side (Reprise)
  10. Go Jetsetter
  11. Theme From “Memoirs”
  12. The Girl From Algenib
  13. Gone


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Liner Notes

On This Recording, The Postmarks Are:

  • Tim Yehezkely
  • Jonathan Wilkins
  • Christopher Moll


With Additional Instrumentation By:

 Brian Hill and Jeff Wagner

  • Baritone Guitar By: Jim Printerera
  • Clarinet And Flute By: Harry Silbert
  • Harp By: David P. Bettencourt
  • Harpsichord And Hammered Dulcimer By: Freddy Palatzky
  • Theremin By: Ewa Bartlova
  • Trumpet, Cornet, French Horn By: Stefan Klein
  • Vibraphone, Timpani And Other Orchestral Percussion By: Dr. Paul Kenneth
  • Violin, Viola And Cello By: Rachel Margaret
  • Additional Keyboards By: Eddie Alonso And Andy Chase


All Songs Written and Composed By: Christopher Moll, Jonathan Wilkins and Tim Yehezkely and published by Memoirs Music (Ascap)

© 2009 The Postmarks

Produced By: Christopher Moll, Jonathan Wilkins and Tim Yehezkely

Music Arranged and Engineered By: Christopher Moll, Jonathan Wilkins and Tim Yehezkely

Mixed By: Andy Chase with Christopher Moll, Jonathan Wilkins and Tim Yehezkely

Mastered By: Scott Hull

Recorded At: Room Recording – Ft. Lauderdale (Fall 2008 / Spring 2009)

Engineered By: Christopher Moll and Jonathan Wilkins

Additional Recording At: 12th Avenue Recording and Stratosphere Sound

Engineer At 12th Avenue Recording: Jonathon Jaffe

Engineer At Stratosphere Sound: Rudyard Lee Cullers


Album Photos By: Margarita Gonzalez

Art Direction/Design By: Brian Hill


Thank You: Andy Chase, Phil Egenthal, Casey Fundaro, Michael McRaney, Gerard Mitchell, our families and friends and everyone who contributed to this recording.

  • "Bacharach meets Brian Wilson!"

  • "I could talk about the perfection of every song on this album, but for fear of sounding like a broken record, I'll refrain...don't laugh...this debut by Miami's Postmarks is a stunning achievement."

    American Songwriter
  • "an amazing debut album filled with bittersweet separation, forlorn lovers, and rainy days that never seem to clear...a timely release as winter's frost gives way to spring's chilly of the best new albums of the year."

  • "perfectly crafted, lush indie-pop... The Postmarks fill a niche completely missing from the local scene and sorely lacking even on a national stage... this is a masterpiece."

    Citylink South Florida Edition
  • "this cute, melancholic trio creates post-indie rock with intuitive ease. break up with your boyfriends just so you can listen to this record on full blast."
  • "... filled with smokey, blissful pop lullabyes perfect for a sunday morning."

    My Old Kentucky Blog
  • "catchy...sweet... this is good!"

    Under the Radar Magazine
  • "the group has gone all-out...the songs are tricked out in huge-sounding string sections, bombastic horns and atmospheric electronics...Yehezkely sounds great as the chanteuse standing in the middle of the swirling cinematic setting, alternately breaking hearts and charming the pants off you with ease. Most importantly, though, is the realization that the group still writes wonderfully melancholic and irresistibly catchy songs. The Postmarks are darn good at writing, playing, arranging, and producing... "

  • "excellent debut record... every song wraps its tender arms around you... meticulously arranged and produced for full emotional impact need records like The Postmarks in your collection."

  • "so sugary it's amazing it doesn't melt....fabulously fun to listen to.”
  • "Holy crap, holy crap, holy crap ...I have never wanted to dive into an album like I do with 'Memoirs at the End of the World'.  The Postmarks' have introduced me into a whole new way of feeling music."

    New York Post
  • "On their second full-length, The Postmarks have ramped it up to the rafters…lavish and evocative, sumptuously arranged…'Memoirs at the End of the World' congeals into a thing of pristine orchestrated pop beauty...there isn't a misstep on here. Rating: 7.6"

  • "...led by the fresh-faced chanteuse Tim Yehezkely...on this, their debut, the weather is always sunny and warm, even when she sings “Looks Like Rain” and “Summers Never Seem To Last.”

    Kansas City Star
  • "an unconventional trio with a flare for lucid ambience and smooth melodic tones...on their self-titled debut the nuevo-pop outfit craft enchanting multi-dimensional music."

    SPIN Band of the Day
  • "The Postmarks are a great new band. they make melodic, sophisticated pop with a subtle sense of mystery and darkness to it. And onstage, Tim is one of the most intriguing and charismatic singers I've seen in years."

    Adam Schlesinger (Fountains of Wayne, Ivy)
  • "swoons and rotates with the seasons... gorgeous... the postmarks self-titled debut may prove to be one of 2007's most sublime indie pop albums. Rating: 7.9"

  • "The Postmarks deliver smooth, sophisticated pop. their soft vocals linger with you the way good solid music should. check out tracks such as "Goodbye" and "Let Go" from their upcoming album."

    Myspace Music
  • "a suburban bedroom symphony suffused with post-teenage heartbreak and painstaking pointillism... some of the most complex and sophisticated pop music around, a self-contained, hermetically pure world of orchestrated, swooningly cinematic lusciousness."

    New Times Southern Edition
  • "...heartfelt sad poetic lyrics wrapped in curiously delightful pop melodies."

    Villains Always Blink
  • "The Postmarks are like a really good glass of wine, rich and sweet..."

    Perez Hilton
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